Seeing the consistently good yearly turnout for the Kerouac Effect, we are thinking of creating a similar event, to be run on a three monthly basis.

The event will be called BeatSpeak and will continue with the idea of randomly pairing poets and musicians to produce about 10 - 15 minutes of music and verse, improvised or planned, to be performed at a Wellington venue. Ideally, poets and musicians would express interest in participating and then, a few weeks before a BeatSpeak event, they would all be randomly paired.
The big difference with The Kerouac Effect will be that BeatSpeak will be a competitive event, a bit like a poetry slam. The audience will get to score the individual performers and the door money will be won each time by the group with the highest score. People who choose to move away from the guidelines will still be able to compete, but points could be subtracted by the organisers for each step away from the intended format. Performing someone else's poetry would carry a penalty as would performing actual songs, for example.
We're also interested in the idea of finding some sort of sponsorship for the event, so there could be other prizes as well.
People who collaborate together regularly could have an unfair advantage over random pairings, so the event will have a final, "not in competition" segment (a bit like a "featured poet" segment at a slam) where a band or pre-existing collaboration can perform, within the music + spoken word format.
But they would be outside the judging process and not eligible for the prize.

If this sounds like you, why not join us on our FB group?