Want To Take Part?

If you want to participate in the next Kerouac Effect event (March 2014), you can contact us through this website or through our Facebook page. So far, poets have been randomly matched with musicians, but there's no reason why poets could not be matched with other artists. Live painting? Mime? Your imagination and skills are the only limits. If you want to organise a local event, look here for some guidelines.


If you are in Wellington, you need to contact Travis Cottreau. He says

"I consider myself a bog standard Canadian. Really, I don't stand out at all and can be mixed up with pretty much any Canadian who happens to be in the room.

I fell ass-backwards into the Wellington poetry scene in August 2011. I had long abandoned poetry as that thing back in highschool English class that no one liked, even the teacher. I imagine that it was like that with most people who find poetry later in life.

travis cottreau

I am grateful to Ali Jacs who sent me that first invite to Happy bar where I saw Ken Arkind and Carrie Rudzinski perform, and then again for her not only inviting me to see the 2011 Wellington regional slam heats, but to participate. My first response was "yeah right", but I already knew I was hooked.

So here I am nearly 2 years later loving poetry and proselytizing it regularly. I think I'm probably annoying and eventually, all my non-poetry friends will abandon me. Still, that would leave me more time for writing and going to poetry gigs."


If you are in Auckland, you need to contact Shane Hollands.

Shane has been an innovator in the spoken word/performance poetry scene in New Zealand for decades & is instrumental in New Zealand’s poetry-music crossover renaissance. He fronts the jazzbeat poetry-rock band Freaky Meat, who have been credited with ‘Bringing back a sexy form of Beat Poetry at home on the stained streets of Auckland’ (No Magazine). Shane was also one half of the Cellotronics/Beatspeake duo 'Beautiful Losers', and is the creator of The Kerouac Effect- NZ’s annual celebration of Beat Poetry.

As well as being a kick ass poet, Shane has done great things for the poetry community - he founded Auckland performance poetry collective The Literatti & was Creative Director for the collective’s initial year. He ran the spoken word/music The Dirty Wordz Radio Show on Fleet FM, instigating the ‘Dirty Wordz Live Sessions’ pairing performance poets with live musicians in an improv setting.

Shane has performed throughout New Zealand and his work has been published in Live Lines, Side Stream, & Tongue In Your Ear.