What Is The Kerouac Effect?

The Kerouac Effect is an international performance poetry event. Poets and, typically, musicians are randomly paired together to produce 10-15 minutes of material to be performed publically on or around Jack Kerouac's birthday, March 12th.

There have been Kerouac Effect events in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Given Kerouac's ability to write off-the-cuff, we prefer to avoid rules regarding performance. It can be improvised, it can be heavily rehearsed. It can take any way shape or form that the pairing agrees upon, and there is no prize for "best" performance at the end of the evening.

If you are interested in taking part in the next The Kerouac Effect event in New Zealand, please contact us here or through our Facebook page. If you wish to put on your own local event, have a look at this "how to" page.